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Behavioral Health Assessment

The Behavioral Health Assessment is the first step toward optimal health. It is a comprehensive clinical assessment, whereby, information is gathered and used to determine the symptoms, strengths, needs, abilities, resources and preferences, functional level, the degree of abilities, and trauma history. A lethality assessment is included.


Counseling is a therapeutic service provided by a qualified clinician. Various techniques are employed clients in identifying and resolving a myriad of intrapersonal and interpersonal concerns. We provide individual, group, and family counseling.

Service Plan Development

The Service Plan Development is the second step towards optimal health, whereby, the counselor works with the individual to identify concerns and problematic areas within 8 specified life categories. Goals, objectives, and interventions are, then, constructed to outline a course of treatment.

Skills Training & Development

Skills Training & Development consists of therapeutic, systematic, interactions between the client(s) and training staff. Services are directed toward the achievement of goals defined by the client(s).

Training Target Areas: development of assertiveness skills, problem-solving skills, effective coping skills; interpersonal skills, adaptive behaviors, and daily living skills.